Asbestos Removal - Newcastle & Central Coast

We are fully Licenced for Asbestos Removal and all work is carried out according to Work cover specifications. License No. 207426.

We are also fully insured for both asbestos removal and transportation of Asbestos. Insurance policies include Public Liability, Work Cover, Products Liability plus more.

Removal of asbestos products should only be undertaken by licensed contractors. Essential safety precautions must include wearing a respirator and overalls, notifying neighbours, wetting down materials, use of non-powered hand tools, wrapping waste in clearly labelled plastic and immediate disposal of waste to an approved site. We also spray all asbestos with PVA Sealer to seal any loose fibres.

On Completion of each job we will have the site Assessed by an independent person and we will provide you with a Copy of the Clearance Certificate along with a copy of the work cover notification form.

Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestos Removal

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