Concrete Breaking - Newcastle & Central Coast

This machine with crush a concrete slab, driveway with minimum effort and noise, whilst leaving rubble that can be taken away for recycling or use yourself as road base, the reo will just be lifted out by the excavator.

With adjustable drop heights, breaks up to 8 and 12 inch thick concrete, respectively. At maximum drop height of 30 inches, units deliver approximately 30 strokes/min. For jobs requiring less force, adjustable stroke setting allows operators to increase speed.

This breaker has a 13 hp engine and 1,080 lb breaking weight. This machine is designed to minimize both noise and dust.

Concrete Breaking

Concrete Crusher

Concrete crusher has a hammer that impacts the concrete with a 250kg force.

Concrete crushing

This is a Driveway prior to crushing

Completed crushed Driveway ready to be racked up

This was an industrial concrete floor 250mm thick after crushing, was racked up to be used on sight as back fill.

Large tool shed / House concrete floor crushed

Completed job all concrete removed with Reo ready for removal